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On the spot

We can share moments of life with you (within the limits of our availability and our agricultural planning).

Just around the corner (10~15 mn)

Near the guest house, within a radius of about ten kilometers...

Vertolaye - The Utopie train station (former station, converted into a third place) →
The Utopie train station, is a rather magical place of exchange that generates connections and good mood. It's bubbling with ideas: the associative café, the game evenings, the comic book library, the conferences, the exhibitions, the animations, the little markets... what happiness!

David's Bridge - Savonnerie de la Goutte noire
→ A soap factory in an old factory.

Olliergues - Village of character
→ A castle-museum on a volcanic promontory, an old bridge over the Dore and picturesque alleys, to see it all, you'll have to climb up... and down!
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Olliergues - L'île aux crayons
→ In his workshop in Olliergues, Patrick Tourre puts himself on stage during visits to better explain his know-how, around the pencil. An unusual journey into the world of colored pencils. An article in the gazette of Thiers Ambert: "La poésie dans le crayon,mine de rien"

St Amant Roche Savine - last weekend of July - La Belle Rouge Festival
→ Every summer, the Compagnie Jolie Môme (théâtre & comédie musicale) organise un un chaleureux festival à St Amant Roche Savine : trois jours de théâtre, de chansons, de cirque, de films, d'ateliers politiques … et de fraternité. Quatre chapiteaux, une ambiances festive, un événement à ne pas rater !!

Further, but not too far (20~50 mins)

For small half-day excursions or for big discovery days...
You can also discover:

  • Ambert and surroundings (15~20 mins)
  • The Livradois mountains (20~30 mins)
  • The Forez massif (30~50 mins)
  • The Tuscany of Auvergne (35~55 mins)

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