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The English garden

The garden, or rather the gardens, are small quiet corners all around the house. The wild flowers are alongside the ornamental shrubs, the mowed areas have a little place in the middle of the wild grass ... A little further, areas have remained a little wilder (pond, bramble, willow grove) for the delight of all the small fauna of our countryside.

The vegetable garden

A vegetable garden for healthy and fresh vegetables in our plates: leafy vegetables (chard, leek, salad, celery, ... ), root vegetables (carrot, beet, radish), fruit vegetables (cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber), bulb vegetables (garlic, shallot), pod vegetables (peas, beans), herbs (parsley, basil, mint, oregano, thyme), and also flowers that are reseeded each year with the wind: poppies, marigolds, borage, pope's money, according to the seasons.

The orchards

There are fruit trees everywhere on the ground: old varieties, local varieties, old and young trees... cherry trees, plum trees (mirabelle plum, greengage...), apple trees (conte, reine des reinettes, feuillue, fer du Dauphiné), pear trees (sucrée de Montluçon, comtesse de Paris, beurré hardy, souvenir de Jules), peach trees (grosse mignonne, juillette), vine peach trees (blanche, sanguine de Manosque, tardive de Chanas), hazelnut trees (merveilles de Bolwiller, Fertile de Coutard, Longue d'Espagne), quince trees, a medlar tree, ...

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